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    Mr. Brandyol

    Public Relations Department, PR

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    About us:


    We are an innovative advertising partner of success, going beyond the usual stereotypes and models in a creative way of managing projects.  Every customer, every project, is a new journey to live passionately.
    Transparency is our main principle in dealing with our customers. Thanks to, our creative team, strategist marketers, bloggers, and designers who work in harmony and professional way, to serve our customers’ benefits.




    ❖ Marketing Strategy
    ❖ Branding
    ❖ Social Media Management
    ❖ Google Advertising
    ❖ Search Engines Optimization

    Marketing Strategy:


    ❖ Study case and diagnosis of the business
    ❖ Market Trends
    ❖ Targeted Market
    ❖ Competitors Analysis
    ❖ Best Tips for the Best Performance
    ❖ Creative Ideas & Solutions



    ❖ Creating, Developing Your Identity
    ❖ Reaching Audience, Invading new Markets
    ❖ Creating Your Own Visual Assets
    ❖ Brand Awareness Strategy
    ❖ Work Plan of Branding Process

    Social Media Management:


    ❖ Social Media Strategy
    ❖ Management of Social Media Accounts
    ❖ Advertising on Facebook / Instagram.
    ❖ Planning & Creating Unique Content
    ❖ Reporting

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     Google Advertising:


    ❖ Google Ads Account Management
    ❖ Campaigns Management
    ❖ Landing Pages Content
    ❖ Reporting

    Search Engines Optimization:


    ❖ SEO Strategy
    ❖ Website Content Strategy
    ❖ Ongoing Content Management
    ❖ Analysis
    ❖ Reporting

    What do you need?


    As a company in this sector, you need to be known, to meet your clients’ expectations, to gain Loyalty and trust, to be the first referential choice and suggestion in what you do. Your satisfied customer is your Ambassador. He can present you to everyone, in his environment, who shares the same interest in your product or service, thanks to your remarkable digital presence.
    Why do you need it?
    In the market in Turkey there are hundreds of competitors, but how could you be different and the first choice in your industry?
    No matter how have you been in this sector and how many years your business’s lifetime could be 10 years or a few months you need to keep updated with the market trends.


    How can you do so?


    Being online is evidence but not everything! To survive on the Search Engine Pages or Social Media platforms you need a work strategy to follow.
    Being close to your prospective clients and having a good market share today depends mainly on the content you are presenting in terms of quality and quantity.


    The Master Key to Succeed:


    How is your blog now? Do you have one? When was the last time you published an article? Does your content have a good relevance to your business?  Are you easily found by your clients? and are you still having their attention after buying?
    You already have all these factors and NOW you have new ideas to bring alive your website but you need a good application, to remain regular and stable.
    Writing good content is what we do!
    How can Marketing Content be useful to your business?
    We have asked you a set of questions and you are wondering how this affects your work or your sales directly!
    When a user is searching online he gets hundreds of answers from many of your competitors. He is visiting many Websites, Facebook pages, Videos, etc… to have a maximum of information about his request. You may think that the only thing that makes a difference is the offers and prices you are presenting. But figure out that a price that you see as affordable can be good for a type of client but not for all the others, some of them can see it as the best because it’s the cheapest others can see it as too cheap that they can doubt about the quality. Same case for the high prices and so on…
    But trustability is something that everyone “a Blind could see and a dumb could hear”. So how you could be trustworthy?
    Your client or the Market you are working on is not local, therefore you need to reflect your trustability by the Information you are presenting online. And here comes the role of the Marketing Content!


    Marketing Content:


    It is not only your way to give the right information to your customer or prospective client so that you build a strong link of trust but also to keep your business and your followers updated with the Turkish Market and Global Market in what you do. At this level and by the continuity you will become a reference in the domain and your links will be shared everywhere.

    For the Digital Marketing Approach, Marketing Content is the core you can build to have a good SEO rank in Google, a Content to Post on your social media accounts. Then, you can build a good strategy for online advertisement also.


    P.S. Not only will your client trust you but also Google!

    Trusted By Leading Organisation:



    We Boost Our Clients’ Bottom Line by Optimizing Their Growth Potential:


    We help foreign clients, corporate clients, and organizations across private, public, and social sectors create CHANGE & IMPACT that matters most to them.


    From the highest-ranking senior executives, (chiefs), to the front lines, we partner with our clients to transform and support their companies, and organizations, embed technology and trusted data into everything they do, and build enduring capabilities.


    With exceptional people in many countries, partnerships & collaborations, we combine global expertise and local insight to help you turn your ambitious goals into reality.

    Think Globally, Act Locally …

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    Invest Less, Earn More …

    Branyol Logo, Brandyol, investing in Turkey, top reasons to invest in Turkey, business events, exhibitions, seminars,



    Winner Seo Master in Real Estate Market

    “SEO Master Award 2019”

    Top Social Media Millennial Agencies

    “Success Partner 2020”

    10 Fastest-Growing Consulting Group

    “Solutions Finder 2021”

    Regional Excellence Agencies, MENA Region

    “Growth Winner 2022”

    What Our Partners Say:



    Huang Wei
    Renewable Energy investor, China.
    “Professional Team, They make my job and my team's job easier, Great suggestions, insightful Data. Brandyol Team is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, They will offer you all what you need to know about Turkish Market, in terms of Legal process and Profitable opportunities, in order to choose the Smartest Path for your investments & Financial FUTURE.

    Thank you so much for your SUPPORT…``

    Emma Schneider
    Entrepreneur, Germany.
    `` If you don't win people's hearts , as well as minds, you don't make a real CHANGE

    Brandyol Team do Both Succesfully, They are highly satisfied, highly qualified and professional, They master their business well. With Brandyol, Doing business in Turkey becomes an ENJOYABLE Experience to Live, not a Nightmare ...
    Danke nochmal / Thank you again… 🙏 ``

    H. Ahmed AL-Hajri
    An investor, Jordan.
    ``i would like to thank Brandyol Team, They have done their Job Perfectly, Providing the Back and Forth Services, Opening the Bank Account, Receiving the Title Deed through them, I have now completed the Purchase Process and they are still Providing After sale Services to me...

    Personally, Brandyol is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

    Çok Teşekkürler Ortaklar... 🤝``


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