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$ 0 to $ 1,500,000

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Our Vi$ion 🔄 Your Future:

Ask Good Questions, Get Better Answers…⁉️

Brandyol Sells Consulting, Brandyol Sells Time…⏰

[ Investing ]




Don’t take RISKS, Don’t INVEST Blindly in a FOREIGN MARKET, CONSULT us TO SAVE your TIME and MONEY, To AVOID unexpected LOSS!?


Big Risks, Heavy Losses, Come from not KNOWING what you are DOING.


Türkiye is a Hub for INVESTING, INNOVATION, and GROWTH, With easy access to multiple markets of $25 trillion GDP, $7.8 billion trade,1.7 billion people, and Much More…


Türkiye is a Global Destination and Promotive Market in EURASIA.


Thanks to, its STRATEGIC location in the EURASIA and MENA region, variety of natural resources, historical monuments, and accessibility by high standards infrastructures and airports.

~ Real Estate ~




Stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW!?


Let’s Talk Your BUSINESS!


Let’s Talk Your NEXT MOVE!


Don’t take RISKS, Don’t INVEST Blindly in a FOREIGN MARKET, CONSULT us NOW, to SAVE your TIME and MONEY, To AVOID unexpected LOSS!?




Real Estate in Türkiye is the most intriguing opportunity in our BUSINESS LIFE EVER.


In the real estate business, you learn more about people, and you learn more about community issues, you learn more about life, you learn more about the impact of government, probably more than any other profession that I know of.

[ Marketing ]


MARKETİNG is about making people DO SOMETHİNG …


BRANDİNG is about making people FEEL SOMETHİNG …


What Works TODAY Won’t Work TOMORROW, Forever Keep TESTING …


BRANDYOL TEAM, in Marketing we TRUST, Marketing is not The Art of SELLING what you produce, but KNOWING what you produce …


Trends, Challenges, Opportunities for Data Analytics, Data OverSupply, and Protection in 2024 …

Don’t take RISKS, Don’t INVEST Blindly in a FOREIGN MARKET, CONSULT us  NOW, TO SAVE your TIME and MONEY … !?


Marketing is not a battle of PRODUCTS, it’s a battle of PERCEPTIONS. It’s the only way on earth to influence other people, by TALKING about what they WANT and SHOW them HOW TO GET IT.


If not a BRAND, You’re a COMMODITY … !?

[ The Legal Support ]


No Case too Big, No Case too Small:


Looking for JUSTICE, We KNOW the way …


Don’t take RISKS, Don’t INVEST Blindly in a FOREIGN MARKET, CONSULT us  NOW, To SAVE your TIME and MONEY, To AVOID unexpected LOSS!?


Entrepreneurs don’t want a lawyer who tells them what they cannot do. They hire him to tell them HOW TO DO WHAT THEY WANT.


We are dealing with, a leading full-service law firm based in Istanbul, it provides unmatched legal services to its clients in a diverse range of legal matters.


We served in our career many high-potential foreign investors, We handled their business from A to Z.


They are highly satisfied to deal with us,  our qualified professional experts master their business well, so doing business in Turkey with us, becomes an enjoyable experience to live, not a nightmare to suffer from.


~ Financial Planning ~


If You Fail To PLAN, You Plan To FAIL:


Know WHAT you own & WHY you own it!? 


Financial Planning is Bringing THE FUTURE into THE PRESENT, so you CAN fix it NOW…




We offer a Sustainable Consulting Experience and we Guarantee Getting Great Results in the Long Run…


Don’t take RISKS, Don’t INVEST Blindly in a FOREIGN MARKET, CONSULT us NOW, To SAVE your TIME and MONEY!


We Promote the investment environment in Turkey and provide financial planning, and assistance to international investors by our Economists, Data Analysts, Experts, Consultants, Accountants, Marketers, and Lawyers.


Money is a terrible MASTER but an excellent SERVANT.

[ Consulting ]


CONSULTING is Our Sacred Cow:


a Focus Consulting Group, BRANDYOL Team, Will CHALLENGE & INSPIRE you, Get a Consultancy by their Experts, and It will CHANGE your Success Path & Accelerate it.


We DELIVER a unique USER EXPERIENCE that enables you to FIND the exact information you are looking for.


Dividing an elephant in half doesn’t produce two elephants.


We support huge customers/ investors who tend to live or invest in Turkey or the region as a whole.


You have to be able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes to see what they need. They DON’T TELL you what they NEED and they don’t NECESSARİLY KNOW what you CAN GİVE them!?


BRANDYOL supports you to FOCUS on the User Experience, The Automation, and Much More … 🚀

Foreigners are excluded from Value-Added Tax (VAT) in Türkiye:


        According to The Law Issued on April, 1st, 2017, which provides a great privilege to foreigners and expatriates by excluding them from added tax value. This is when they Buy Residential & Commercial Properties in Türkiye on the condition that they obtain new properties from construction companies.


  • ✍️Beneficiaries of The Law:

1- Foreigners who did not settle in Turkey.


2- Turkish citizens who have lived abroad for more than 6 months with their work and residence permits.


3- Organizations that did not make any profit in Turkey or did not have an office.


  • ✍️Conditions to Benefit from The Law:

1- No residence in Türkiye.


2- The purchase price is in foreign currency.


3- Not to sell the purchased real estate for a year at least.


  • 👉For further information about investing in Türkiye & smart ways to pay taxes:

Contact us Now!


How Do We Help?

  1. One-Stop-Shop Approach,
  2. Systematic Approach to Problem Solving,
  3. Oriented Risk Analysis,
  4. Focusing on High-Tech Opportunities, Future Trends,
  5. Profitable Investments + Risks Management + Big Data
  6. Multilingual (Turkish, English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Urdu, Chinese)




Brandyol is an Expertise Consulting & Services Group in Real Estate Management in Türkiye, Legal Support, and Marketing Services. It has the purpose to manage all procedures and services in a systematic and professional way, while conforming to law and best practices, as well as aiming at continuous performance improvement. Our Consultants with extensive professional experience, notably in the Market of Consulting, Legal Support, and Real Estate industries, ensuring a detailed diagnosis of CLIENTS’ NEEDS, Resulting in an INCREASE in EFFICIENCY and PROFITABILITY through the application of Analysis Tools, Risk Analysis, to Ensure Business Process, to Guarantee Success, and Minimize Risks.

Don’t Hesitate, Contact Brandyol Team Now for Proven Professional Support…!?

There are huge chances of getting the best ROI when you invest in Turkey. Investments, however, are not without risk. Join us as our expertise and experience will add value to your assets.
Our foundation is built on the values of confidence, experience, and vision. We strive to be a solution partner for all your requirements by combining its young, energetic, creative, trained, and professional employees in the areas of investing, profitable investments and competitive emerging markets.

It doesn’t matter in which area of the world you live, and you need any consultation in Turkey. We, at Brandyol, are able to serve you well. Here, you will get any kind of consultation service online which you need, either investing in Real Estate, need legal support, or marketing services in Turkey.

The process is so simple, You only need to understand what kind of services you need in Turkey and contact us online or visit us. We will help you to have the property you want in Turkey at an affordable price, grow your business through traditional and digital marketing and help you to solve your legal issues.

Brandyol is the platform where you can enjoy the best marketing, legal, and property advisory services at the lowest possible price. You only need to pay what you get from us. There is no additional or hidden charges.

Our property, legal, or any other advice is the best possible solution designed only for your personalized requirements. You can examine these suggestions and work accordingly. We also keep in mind your opinions, and it is possible for you to have your own solution to follow.

Investing in things, or assets, to get wealthy or guarantee a passive income, is a common belief among many people, and it will come true if you hire us. There is no formula for becoming rich overnight, but our consulting services will grow your business, give you profits on your real estate investments and give you a chance of living a wealthy and abundant life.

Why They Choose Us?


We “Walk The Talk”. i.e. We Practice What We Preach and We Are Good at.


We PRESENT special INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES to the INVESTORS and assist in all the stages of their INVESTMENTS.


We SERVE as the reference point for INTERNATIONAL INVESTORS and the point of contact for all institutions engaged in PROMOTING and ATTRACTING investments at the national, regional, and local levels.


We OFFER multi-services, One-Stop-Shop Approach, including MARKET INFORMATION and analyses, site selection, B2B meetings, coordination with relevant governmental and provide institutions, and facilitating legal procedures and applications such as establishing business operations, incentive applications, obtaining licenses and work permits.


We DELIVER a unique USER EXPERIENCE that enables you to FIND the exact information you are looking for.


Investors EXPECT Relevant and Lucrative Consulting Services, but few are willing to give it like us in Istanbul, Türkiye.


By: Brandyol Team


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